Digi-Growth™ Framework

It has never been easier to move forward

Recent technology breakthroughs dramatically changed the way most organisations make their purchasing decisions.  There has been an unprecedented move forward in the corporate buying process. Buyers make decisions long before they actually meet with a potential vendor:


Search Engines like Google increasingly provide a large amount of relevant and current information to buyers.


Mobile technology makes this information available any time, anywhere.


Social Media allows people to share experiences, feedback and recommendations on brands, products and services they use.

These new technologies now offer incredible opportunities for companies to accelerate their growth

Size is no longer the key factor; speed and relevance to your clients is what matters most

In order to fully capture growth opportunities, most companies need to re-align their Marketing and Sales functions :

Size is no longer the key factor; speed and relevance to your clients is what matters most

Old model

  • Marketing creates anonymous print, radio and TV Ad campaigns to develop their brand and product awareness
  • Field Sales develop, nurture and close sales leads

New model

  • Marketing and Sales work together, utilizing specific client information managed in a CRM system
  • All Marketing and Sales activities are aligned to the buyer’s decision making process – the buyer’s journey
  • Processes are defined, automated and measured, so that performance is consistent, predictable and efficient
  • As most industries and companies are evolving from a Transactional to a Recurring Revenue business model, specific attention must be invested into Customer Success, maximizing client satisfaction and retention

Akuting’s Digi-Growth™ Framework is a collection of industry best practices and tools covering all stages of your buyer process

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