Digi-Growth Assessment

Our Digi-GrowthTM Assessment is inspired by the proven Capability Maturity Model, developed in the early 1990s as a framework to assess an organisation’s expertise in managing its Information Technology Infrastructure. It has since been used worldwide in government offices, commerce, industry and software-development organizations.

Akuting’s Assessment provides you with relevant insights on the business process supporting your growth, grouped into five categories:


Client success
Infrastructure and performance

Through the exercise, each business processes is assessed and mapped to one of five levels defined along the continuum of the model.

Level 1

Initial (Chaotic)

It is characteristic of processes at this level to be (typically) un-documented and in a state of dynamic change. Processes tend to be driven in an ad hoc, uncontrolled and reactive manner by users or events. This provides a chaotic or unstable environment for the processes.

Level 2


It is characteristic of processes at this level to have some actions that are repetitive, possibly with consistent results. Any process discipline that does exist is probably lenient, but serves to ensure that existing procedures are maintained during times of stress.

Level 3


At this level, it is characteristic of processes to have established sets of defined and documented standard procedures that are subject to some degree of improvement over time. These standard processes are in place (i.e., they are the AS-IS processes) to establish consistency of procedure performance across the organization.

Level 4


Processes at this level use metrics and management can effectively control the AS-IS process (e.g., for software development). In particular, management can identify ways to adjust and adapt the process to particular projects without measurable losses of quality or deviations from specifications. Process Capability is established from this level.

Level 5


Processes at this level focus on continually improving performance through both incremental and innovative technological changes and improvements.

Akuting’s Digi-GrowthTM assessment is based on 27 questions, and should take less than 20 minutes to complete.  At the end of the assessment, you will receive  a diagnostic detailing your current level of performance for each business process,  as well as actionable next steps for improvement.

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