Digital Transformation


Akuting will help you transform your business using the insights gained from the Digi-GrowthTM Assessment, starting with the implementation of one or more capabilities identified through the process.

Our methodology is based on the following main steps;


Define your target client segments, and buying personas

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Develop the customer journey relevant to each buyer persona of your target segments

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Develop your sales methodology, and Marketing Automation tools to support your goals

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Measure and improve

Based on your personalised results provided by the Digi-GrowthTM Assessment and a detailed analysis of your competitor’s practices, we will take the analysis one step forward and help you develop your digital transformation plan.

  1. For each potential area of improvement, we will assess your existing assets related to your business processes and the availability of skilled resources and technology.
  2. We will then review and prioritize the potential areas of improvement based on their business impact and complexity to implement.
  3. This exercise will enable us to develop your 24-month plan;
Change Management

Change Management

Akuting resources can assist you through the process by acting as Subject Matter Experts or by taking over responsibility of the Project Management.

Performance Management

Performance Management

We can help you build your Performance Management framework, including a Client Experience Dashboard which you will use to track your progress.

Image Remarketing Webinar

Remarketing Webinar

Nous étions récemment conférencier invité par SharpSpring afin de discuter comment le retargeting, permet de renforcer votre marque et communiquer avec les visiteurs de votre site web ou de vos applications.

Nous avons partagé nos expériences clients, dont un cas particulier avec une audience d’un seul membre!

Vous pouvez voir le webinaire à ce lien.

Image Process Mining: Your new superpower providing direct visibility into your business processes

Process Mining: Your new superpower providing direct visibility into your business processes

Process Mining is a new discipline, quietly developed in Europe in the last decade, and now ready for prime-time. It is a surprisingly simple, yet robust data science which provides almost magical visibility into business processes. It is now used in various productivity improvement projects, such as Robotic Process Automation, but also by Internal Audit and Compliance Departments to identify deviations and irregular transactions.

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